On September 28th a training activity took place on Amsterdam for youth workers. This activity was achieved thanks to the three organizations: UIF, Across Limits and IKigai Institute. These corporations are form all over Europe, which makes it easier for the propose to expand through Europe. IUF was the host partner for Across Limits and IKigai Institute. Each partners involved seven youth worker participants, every one of them coming from different backgrounds.

But, Why train already trained educators?

Since the awareness of the labor market about the importance of Soft Skills, young Europeans have been lacking these competences. This activity aims to provide youth workers the tools to teach their students everything they need to enter the labor market competitively, throw inclusion and tangible training.

During this activity, that lasted a day, the participants were able to comprehend the theory behind the project and the importance, but also try by themselves what soft skills are and which ones they possessed. During the presentation the Soft Skills were divided into groups: emotional, personal, team-work and organizational skills. Emotional skills are empathy, self-awareness, adaptability, etc. Personal skills such as communication, attitude, determination, etc. Team-work skills like problem-solving, conflict management, mediation, etc. Lastly organizational skills as planning, delegation, time management… At the end they were proposed to test themselves by resolving these questions: “Why all the fuss about 21st century skills?”, “Which skills do we want to teach?”,” What kind of questions should we asking?”; and also doing practical activities.

It must be taken into account that, in order to develop Soft Skills, it is necessary to know oneself in an effort to know which skills to promote, which ones start devolving and which ones to discard; this is the reason why this methodology was implemented. The fact that the youth workers got to try by themselves first will provide them with the necessary experience to develop new activities perfectly in their classrooms. And so on, not only have they learned but also, they now have the tools to create future activities depending on each situation and each student.

This activity will provide help to young European jobseekers in the work life, but also their personal life as well throw self-knowledge. Besides allowing both youth workers and student to be more inclusive in all areas of their lives.

Stay tuned for our upcoming activities! One of which will take place via on-line meeting at 10:00 am CET time on January 10th and another one hosted by de Maltese organization on March 15th. We will update you soon!