On 15th March, the second training day of the RISE project for youth workers took place in Malta. To continue the participants’ involvement in the project, the same participants who had started the training in Amsterdam were invited to participate, with new participants also being included.
This activity was also realised thanks to the three organisations: UIF, Across Limits and IKigai Institute. Across Limits was the host partner for IUF and IKigai Institute. Each partner involved the seven youth worker participants to work in groups on the issues at hand.

Participants have been involved in various activities. The day was conducted as follows:

The opening activity was an Icebreaker from Amsterdam Event. As most of the participants already knew each other from the previous activity in Amsterdam, it was interesting to be able to talk together about the impact of the first event, as time had passed to reflect on the first session and exchange views.

Immediately afterwards, the participants were divided into two groups to proceed with the ‘Lego gameteamwork to test 21st century skills. The “Lego Game” consisted of building a house where the person reading the instructions had his or her back turned and could not see the work of the others.
It was a great challenge for all our youth workers: it involved their soft skills of time management, communication and planning.

The third activity was group-based but in personal terms because everyone was asked to think about personal well-being in a professional world. Through digital and technological activities, they were able to share with others their skills and needs on the subject of well-being.

Finally, the last activity of the day was a training on 21st century personal skills. The youth workers involved got to know each other during the day through teamwork with similar skills, through the games they played, and through the training they were given in order to be able to transfer the soft skills and use them in their own contexts later on.

Stay tuned for project updates!