INSTITUTO IKIGAI is a Spanish NGO that is specialised in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, promoting and offering creative training and networking opportunities and solutions for the youth.

INSTITUTO IKIGAI’s team has extended experience in managing European projects, developing diffusion and dissemination strategies, methodologies and offering online training courses and materials.

Our focus at INSTITUTO IKIGAI is on the development of training projects and is based on innovation and cooperation.

Thanks to our team’s experience, we can assert that participation in European projects ensures sustainable and integrated growth for both participant organizations and target groups.

Our goal is to form and educate specific collectives such as women, youth, migrants, people who need to reinvent themselves… and grant them the right and possibility to grow and develop constantly and to achieve concrete results in the improvement of their personal, social and professional life. Therefore, we train people to provide them with the personal and professional development tools that will empower them and enable them to use their own resources to succeed. LinkedIn profile:



The key persons involved in this project are:

Cristina Carnovale